2012 JE wedding was founded
2015 Establish La D‘esse High-End custom made gown label 
2016 JE Wedding combined with La D'esse. A brand new bridal label for high-end custom made gown , "JE Haute Couture".

In addition to maintaining the elements of low key luxury and uniquely understated quality, we also emphasize complimenting women's curves. First and foremost, the made to order wedding gown is designed to be an art work. Stringent demands on the patterns, materials, arrangements and embroidery details are always implemented. The gown is softly romantic in nature yet eloquent and classic to showcase the complete confidence of the dazzling and extraordinary bride.



Y.C. returned to Taiwan with a degree in Architecture Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology at Boston. With her passion in bridal design, she decided to create her own high- end bridal boutique.

With intuition for geometry in Architecture and Aesthetics, Y.C. uses textile coordinations and proportional layerings to seek perfect expressions. This approach not only builds womens'  expression of natural given body beauty as the main design purpose but also injects the traditional designs into modern and delicate final products without reservation. 

Y.C. believes beauty should not last as shortly as fireworks. The beauty of a woman should be with her in everyday life.